Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Norwich Dandies Winter Norfolk tour

Norwich Dandies are going on a winter tour around Norfolk starting at the NNUH Hospital Winter Fayre. We will be doing Dress, Pose, Paint like a Dandy and were touring with the Nice Ice Queen. Look out for us on level 2

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dandifest Colouring in Poster

This year we thought we would let you do the inking in. Colour this poster in and send it to Ships Cottage, NR11 6NU Multiply entries welcome. One random winner of 100 pounds. Colouring in is suppose to help mental health. Colour in the poster and monitor your happiness levels.
27th April to 9th May Dandifest. With fun things happening everyday. A incredibly packed out launch night, exhibitions all over town and Norfolk from here and all over the world. Get yourself to Launch night 27th April 7pm and pick up a programme. There will be workshops in art everyday so be prepared to join in. If you want to volunteer to invigilate or do exhibition tours or help hang shows or help with workshops or evening events get in touch on our Norwich Dandies Facebook Page.